Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mike Quandt and Mike Echols: Cut from the Same Cloth

In a post on Rikijo’s blog dated to last December, Velocity/Michael Quandt called Mike Echols a “champion of children’s rights” and promised to continue Echols’ work. Quandt had probably come across Echols’ name repeatedly while browsing anti-pedophile websites, and without doing any in-depth research, concluded that Echols’ was a child savior on par with his buddy Ray Dixon/Rikijo. Had he done serious research, Quandt would have discovered that Echols was a child-abusing liar and psychopath who masked his real agenda under the banner of child protection. For frequent readers of this blog, that description will sound familiar. Ray Dixon/Rikijo and Mike Quandt/Velocity should not have announced that they were going to begin carrying on Echols’ tradition. They have been carrying on Echols’ tradition all along.

Walter Harlan Echols was the author of several extremely graphic novels depicting the rape of young boys. One of these, I Know My First Name Is Steven, later became a Sunday night made-for-television movie and was Echols’ claim to fame until his death. What few people know is that prior to embarking on a career as an author, Echols demonstrated his commitment to children’s well-being by physically abusing two thirteen-year-old boys for whom he was supposed to be caring.

Only when he wasn’t abusing children or exploiting their tragedies for money did Echols pretend to champion their rights. His primary method of advocacy was to maintain a website where he advertised his graphic child abuse novels, and where he posted a list of alleged “Internet Sex Predators and Nambla members.” Most of the people featured were guilty of little more than voicing an opinion different than that of Echols. But this did not stop Echols from posting their addresses and phone numbers, accusing them of engaging in illegal activity, and even making threatening phone calls to their families and employers. Echols’ site also featured cropped images of illegal pornography, almost all of which featured boys in early adolescence. According to Echols, posting the images would help his readers identify the victims of sexual exploitation. More discerning readers pointed out how suspicious it was that these images, like Echols’ books and criminal charges, involved only boys in early adolescence. Weren’t all children worth saving?

The same question can be asked of Ray Dixon/Rikijo and Michael Quandt/Velocity. Both fixate only on sexual abuse even though far more children each year are the victims of physical abuse. Both also deal only with the male victims of sexual abuse even though the majority of the victims of sexual abuse are female. The similarities extend even further: Rikijo has an extensive criminal record, just as Echols did. And Rikijo and Velocity use their blog to embarrass and harass potentially innocent people by posting personal information, just as Echols did. So when Velocity/Michael Quandt declares that he is going to begin to follow in Echols’ footsteps, the only logical response is "You already have. By the way, what's your real agenda?"

Monday, April 09, 2007

A new low for Rikijo/Ray Dixon

As any real children’s advocate can attest, the investigation of missing children is a serious matter in which time is of the essence. The last thing police or parents need is a false lead, particularly one cooked up in the fevered imagination of a convicted criminal and notorious liar. But that’s what they got last November when Rikijo/Ray Dixon posted on his blog about two missing children from Red Lake, Minnesota.

Instead of expressing sympathy for the parents or notifying his readers how they might be able to help the family, he cynically chose to exploit the episode in an effort to demonize David Thorstad, the perennial target of his cyber-witchhunt. “David, where are those kids?” Dixon/rikijo taunted, claiming that Thorstad had been “hanging around the Red Lake Indian Reservation” and thus played a role in the disappearance of the children. That thousands of other people also routinely “hang around” the reservation obviously never crossed Dixon’s debilitated mind. Neither did Dixon consider the potential harm his baseless speculation could have had on the investigation or the distress it could have caused the parents of the two children

When volunteers this past week discovered the bodies of the two missing children encased in ice, Dixon again posted about the story at the top of his blog, proclaming that “the investigation continues.” The investigation has continued, of course, in the form of an autopsy that has ruled out the possibility of foul play. So what does Dixon, a self-proclaimed savior of the little children, do? Does he show any remorse for his crass appropriation of the tragic deaths of two children? Does even bother to update his readers on the story? Of course not. Rikijo/Ray Dixon has as much contempt for the truth as he has for Thorstad, and he’s not about to let any facts get in his way. What self-respecting witch-hunter would?

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Phase II: Operation Supersonic UPDATE

Rikijo/Ray Dixon and velocity/Michael Quandt want people to believe their lies that all the people featured on their blog are sex predators about to rape small children. To see if they're being honest, all you have do is look at their track record with truth-telling when it comes to more basic issues. We've seen how rikijo lies about his identity in trying to entrap people over email. We've also seen Velocity commit a crime in lying about working for the government in the threatening comments he left on this blog a couple of months ago. After being exposed as Michael Quandt of Rochester, MN, velocity lied yet again by insisting he really lived somewhere in Finland. Why anybody should believe him is beyond the grasp of any thinking person's intellect. Everybody knows that Fins have a stronger mastery of the English language than does our mentally deranged vigilante. Besides, velocity, you're the one who was stupid enough to leave a trail to your personal data.

When you registered your pathetic new website ( http://wap.askall.net ) you provided your real home city in the registration:

$ whois askall.net

Domain Name.......... askall.net
Creation Date........ 2005-02-27
Registration Date.... 2005-02-27
Expiry Date.......... 2007-02-27
Organisation Name.... AskAll Research
Organisation Address. 131 professional way
Organisation Address.
Organisation Address. Rochester
Organisation Address. 55901
Organisation Address. Mn
Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

Admin Name........... mike jones
Admin Address........ 131 professional way
Admin Address........
Admin Address........ Rochester
Admin Address........ 55901
Admin Address........ Mn
Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
Admin Email.......... mike@askall.net
Admin Phone.......... +1.0000000000
Admin Fax............

Tech Name............ RegisterFree.com Support
Tech Address......... PO Box 99800
Tech Address.........
Tech Address......... Emeryville
Tech Address......... 94662
Tech Address......... CA
Tech Address......... UNITED STATES
Tech Email........... mike@askall.net
Tech Phone........... +1.00000000
Tech Fax.............
Name Server.......... ns1.hostingshack.net
Name Server.......... ns2.hostingshack.net

You also posted your old cell phone number (507-529-9164) with a Rochester area code, along with your real name, to Usenet a few years ago when begging for FreeBSD help. Not the smartest move in the world. You might be curious to know that the Predator Tracker has your new cell number ... along with your social security number and other personal information ... but that's another matter entirely.

Again I ask: Why should anybody believe you're Mike Jones and not Michael Quandt?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Phase II: Operation Supersonic update...

Velocity on the run.

Threatens the Predator Tracker with harassing comments/impersonates FBI Agent!!

Velocity stumbled upon the Predator Tracker blog this morning and was so upset that he left two irate and threatening comments within forty minutes of each other. You can view them here. The first was a rambling diatribe in which he challenged the Predator Tracker to a contest: whoever discovered the other's identity first would win. Sorry, Velocity, but the Predator Tracker has to decline your challenge. It wouldn't be fair. You see, the Predator Tracker already has your identity, age, home phone number, home address, place of employment, and thanks to your infantile attempt at intimidation this morning, your Internet Protocol number. The Predator Tracker would be the victor by default.

The second comment, coincidentally submitted from the same Internet Protocol number forty minutes after the first, is also from Velocity. Readers of this blog already know that rikijo's minions have even less respect for the law than the pedophiles they pretend to be exposing. But here Velocity sinks to a new low, committing a felony, by impersonating an FBI agent. "Don't mind Agent Dubree," says Velocity, comically oblivious to the fact that a real federal agent would never reveal or confirm the identity of an undercover operative. Apparently, Velocity also never considered how stupid it was to impersonate a federal agent from a Texas field office when his IP number reveals that his physical location is over a thousand miles away. Michael, if you want to see what happens to somebody who pretends to work for the Feds, take a gander at this news story. Originally the Predator Tracker was not going to publish your comments but he changed his mind when realized that they are important evidence for the pending federal investigation of your illegal behavior.

Question: Who is Velocity?
Answer: Michael B. Quandt
DOB: 11/06/1971
Home City: Rochester, Minnesota
IP #:
Employer: the FBI Quandt Concrete, LLC.
("i am done for the season in construction. so much free time till spring" velocity brags. Since when do federal agents dig ditches? LOL!!!)

Velocity --exposed/under federal investigation--

"My mentor taught me everything about the force, even the nature of the Dark Side."


The Predator Tracker


Stand by for updates...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The operation expands

Unmasking the felon known as rikijo was easy enough. Now it is time to expand the scope of the mission with phase ii. Unfortunately for the Predator Tracker's next target, this phase promises to be easier than the first.

Question: Who is Velocity?

Stand by for updates...

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ray!

It's 21 November, rikijo's 38th birthday! After due consideration, the Predator Tracker has decided to release rikijo's address and home phone number so all of you can wish him a happy birthday, too!

Rikijo's Home Address and (Unlisted) Phone Number:

6510 Coronation Road
Whitby, Ontario L1M 1R5

(Be sure to ask to speak with little Raymond if Coral or Roy answer the phone.)

Hi, Ray!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Exposed--
Happy 38th..

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More hypocrisy

When someone who may be a pedophile spends all his time obsessing over other pedophiles, we can rightfully call that person a mentally deranged hypocrite. But what do we call somebody with a long criminal record who takes delight in exposing other people's criminal records? If you guessed either rikijo or Ray Dixon, you're absolutely right.

Take Dixon's latest blog post, a reproduction of electronic mails he exchanged while pretending to be Arnold Schoen (see the previous post for information about Dixon's 'l33t h4ck1ng sk1llz). In the post he reveals deeply personal information about two individuals who have made poor choices in their lives, violated the law, but have since paid their debts to society. The whole world now knows the criminal records of these two individuals thanks to rikijo.

Why shouldn't the whole world also know of Dixon's extensive criminal history?

His record includes weapons offenses, breaking and entering (it seems he doesn't just break into people's e-mail accounts), and, from last year, charges of obstructing a police officer, assault, and failure to comply with a probation order. In all likelihood, Dixon's long absence from April to August of this year was a result not of his tracking evil pedophiles, or of taking a vacation to Europe, but of temporary incarceration stemming from his most recent charges. Ironic, considering sleazy, amateur true-crime blogs have been the strongest supporters of Dixon's harassment operation.

The number of crimes Dixon has committed is matched only by the number of addresses he's had in the past decade. He was living at 25 Russett Avenue in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada L1G 3R4 in April of 1996. In February 1997 he was living at 22 Stevenson Road South in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada L1J 5LS. Three years later, he was living at 408 Dundas Street West in Whitby, Ontario, Canada L1N 2M7. Two years after that, in early 2002, he was living at 3 James Rowe Drive in Whitby, Ontario, Canada L1R 2X8. Presently he lives at yet another address which, while not public knowledge now, soon will be posted on this blog if rikijo continues to play his games.

It is interesting to note that Dixon's present address, like the James Rowe Drive address, is in his parents' name. That's right: the self-proclaimed network security analyst and aspiring hacker Raymond Dixon is not only a convicted criminal, but a thirty-seven-year-old man who lives with his own parents, Roy Augustus Dixon and Coral Doatha Dixon (who, in case you couldn't tell, are black.) Despite all the hype about Dixon's brilliance, it turns out that Ray's limited employment in recent years has amounted to intermittent work on behalf of R & R (Roy and Ray?) Contracting, a family-owned construction business started by his father. If it weren't for Mommy and Daddy Dixon, Ray would probably be pan-handling on the street somewhere instead of using Mommy and Daddy's Internet connection to harass people. I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Dixon have the sense to make Ray sleep in the basements with all the other rodents.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Not hacking, just harassment

Ray Dixon/rikijo wants you to think he’s a bad-ass hacker. In his first blog entry he even goes so far as to describe himself as a network security analyst. Judging from this and other remarks he makes, you might be tempted to think he spends the bulk of his day coding new password-cracking software, infiltrating highly secure government networks, and looking for new unix vulnerabilities to exploit. Yet rikijo’s claim to Kevin-Mitnick-style hacking fame is just as delusional as his claim of saving children daily. This is borne out by a close look at the two methods he has employed in his war against NAMBLA.

Dixon’s first method is what I will dub the honeypot method. It involves him posing as a NAMBLA officer and tricking people into e-mailing him their personal information. To set up his honeypot, Dixon first registers an email account similar to one listed on NAMBLA’s web site. (For instance, one e-mail address he has used is peterhermann@netzero.com, which is meant to look like peterherman@netzero.net, the email address of NAMBLA’s Peter Herman.) Once he has created his e-mail account, he goes to various web forums and social networking sites, pretends to be a NAMBLA officer, and asks anybody interested in the group to e-mail him. The people who respond think they are contacting NAMBLA, so they often hand Dixon their personal information on a silver platter. Occasionally, however, the sender is a little more careful with his personal information, and Dixon has to brandish the ultimate hacker weapon -- the Google Web Search -- in hopes of matching the information from his e-mails with his target's real name. If he's successful, Dixon posts his target's personal information on his blog, claiming to have intercepted the target’s membership application to NAMBLA, and labeling the sender of the e-mail a danger to children everywhere.

Dixon’s second method is what I like to call the illegal technique. Why? Because, well, it’s against the law -- a federal crime, in fact. Since an earlier post has already described this method, a detailed breakdown is not necessary here. Nonetheless, I will note that the compromise of David Thorstad’s e-mail account in March of 2006 appears to be the consequence of this technique. That was 7 months ago. The statute of limitations for this crime is three years.

Both of these techniques can be mastered by any bottom-feeder with a telephone line, an Internet account, and a few minutes of spare time. About the only thing Dixon’s antics have in common with real computer hacking is that both are likely to be illegal. Not that this would stop Dixon, who has amassed quite a criminal record in his 37 years. More on this in the next entry.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Dixon's great slurpee disaster revisited

The earlier post Everybody Hates Raymond reveals how rikijo inadvertently left bread crumbs to his own real-life identity when he forgot to change the calling station number for his fax transmission. An image of the fax was unavailable at the time the post was written, but just last week an anonymous source provided the Predator Tracker with a jpeg image of that very fax. It is included below as a concrete reminder of just how sick (and incompetent) of a person Raymond Dixon is. Does the ellipsis in the closing look a little familiar?

(Click on the picture to see the full-size image.)
Proof of Dixon's Faxing Prowess

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Operation Rikidik update: 37 and Single?

Question: Who Is Rikijo?

Answer: Raymond A. Dixon
DOB: 21 November 1968

Stand by for updates..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rikijo the child pornographer?

The last post suggests that Ray Dixon's/rikijo's fixation with homosexual pedophilia is more the consequence of a contempt for homosexuality than of a contempt for pedophilia. This accounts for why he obsesses on a phenomenon (men molesting boys) that constitutes a distinct minority of child sex abuse cases. This may also account for why, according to dozens of Usenet posters through the years, he has no aversion to downloading and distributing child porn himself.

Six years ago alt.hackers.malicious was rife with accusations that Ray Dixon/rikijo peddled child porn. The poster known as "Petitmorte" alleges that Ray Dixon is a "Convict and Child Porn Collector." "Dr. Hangnail" discloses (quoted in another message): "Ray Dixon of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada has viewed and downloaded KP numerous times by his own admission, and undoubtedly has some on his hard drive right now."

"Cipher," the intended target of the failed hack that led to the discovery of rikijo's real-life identity, writes, "The kiddie porn he [rikijo] sent was the absolute proof that rikijo, RL Ray Dixon, is a fucking criminal...." This was said in response to taylor@wilhelp.com, who had written earlier that Ray "sends child pornography to people like Cipher and I then posts publicly about how he is going to frame us." So widespread at the time was Ray's identification as a pedophile that he lent his legal name to the Usenet group alt.pedophile.ray-dixon.

Thus Ray Dixon/rikijo, a man now widely touted as savior of the little children, not only ignores the perponderence of pedophilic acts by focusing only on homosexual pedophilia. He has also faced past accusations of being a child pornographer, of distributing child pornography to other Usenet posters, and of being a pedophile, all by people who knew him before he launched his recent crusade. Could it be that rikijo is a child pornographer who uses his blog to divert law enforcement attention away from his own crimes against children?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Rikijo the homophobe

This past week, after a four month absence, Ray Dixon (rikijo) has again begun to post on his blog. And that's good news for all the children of the world. Or at least for the little boys.

After all, the one thing that stands out most prominently on Ray Dixon's/rikijo's blog (besides his use of oddball generic images) is that all of his targets are, at least in his own warped imagination, homosexual pedophiles. Let's face it. He portrays homosexual pedophiles as baby-eating Satanists while giving heterosexual pedophiles a free pass. As of 22 August 2006, rikijo/Ray Dixon has identified a total of 50 people whom he believes to be pedophiles. Of these, 46 are men accused of having an interest in boys, 3 are men accused of having an interest in girls, and 1 is a woman accused of having an interest in boys.

Ray Dixon's/rikijo's quest to "0wn ped0s" results from his desire to control and embarrass people. But why does he embarrass only men who lust for little boys, and not men who lust after little girls? Most victims of child molestation are females, so if rikijo were interested in saving the greatest number of children from sexual abuse, his blog would devote most of its space to lecherous men who stalk little girls.

He doesn't, however. And the reason he doesn't is that he is a certifiable homophobe. A Google usenet search for messages by "rikijo" which contain the word "fag" generates a total of 120 hits. Let's look at some of his and his buddies' more memorable homophobic moments, starting with the most recent.

On 21 December 2005, rikijo/Ray Dixon writes a message entitled "Attention Demonweb fag spammers.."

In a thread, dated to 27 November 2005, rikijo/Ray Dixon says he is working on his blog and asks his associates for comments to publish. "Vinny" responds:

"I hate all fags, I think every fag is a potential pedo if placed in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was kinda hoping the whole gay community would eventually disapear due to the breeding issue."

Ray Dixon/rikijo, tickled by vinny's anti-gay rhetoric, replies:

"MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!.. Then your post will be added..good enough..LOL"

Ray Dixon/rikijo, as mentioned earlier, has accrued countless enemies. What happens when he is insulting them on Usenet? Does he call them pedos? Nazis, perhaps? Nope. He resorts to his favorite f-word. Here's a classic example from 9 September 2003:

Hey Fag do you want me to post all that shit I snarfed after your beating Mr. Kevin Kannon? Remember what your Father said when we asked for ya at your parents house? Hmm? He has disowned the very sight of you. Why , because you live with your lover who just happens to be a MAN! LOL Why are you posting in my group?

What do you mean old, old, story. Thats not old, bitch, thats your fucking life. You suck penises Kevin "FACT" You got hammered along wiht the datababysex trolls and other idiots like Burnore spooge and Cipher.

Yer friend Ian hayes knowz yer a fag..He even asked you about it in that hacked email.

Rikijo has spewed so much homophobic hate-speech on Usenet over the years that it's surprising he's not fighting a "war against fags" complete with pink triangles and swastikas. But since gay-bashing bigots don't generally fare too well in today's political climate, Dixon has settled for fighting a "war against NAMBLA" instead. In this way, he can bash same-sex-attracted males while still generating the positive publicity he needs to get his little power trip. But don't be fooled. If homophobia ever became as acceptable as anti-pedophile vigilantism, "the war against NAMBLA" would expand its scope to include all those deviant "fags" rikijo has made a hobby of disparaging on Usenet.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Operation Rikidik update: Everybody hates Raymond

The time has come to answer the previous question and reveal rikijo's identity. Although another blog has suggested that rikijo is a Star-Wars-obsessed Canadian named Dennis Fitt, the truth is far more compelling.

A search of Google's extensive Usenet archive indicates that rikijo has been identified in the past as Ray Dixon of Ontario, Canada. This information appears to have been first posted on http://www.lart.com/rijecto by one "Jim Taylor." The story, preserved in a cache of that URL, says it all:

On Tuesday, June 6, 2000, a wannabe hacker named Ray Dixon from alt.hackers.malicious tried to claim that he was "Jim Taylor" and whack his way into Lart.Com. One thing, who's "Jim Taylor" anyway? Certainly not me! Poor Ray, so desperate to impress his little script kiddy followers he tried to slurp WestHost (host for Lart.Com) for my passwords.

So picture the following, Ray Dixon calling WestHost, claiming to be "Jim Taylor" and saying he lost his passwords. Do you think he felt stupid when support from WestHost laughed at how he could not even get my name right? Imagine how hard they laughed when he fumbled around looking for my credit card number for verification. Ray also tried send a fax, which you can see below and e-mail too.

Poor Ray, he is busy these days trying to make up for this major screw-up. He is failing at that too. He created a web based message board because the whacker group, alt.hackers.malicious has been a public toilet for months. His whacker board lasted about three days before it was abandoned, hacked daily to Ray's total disappointment.

Ray Dixon
25 Russett Ave
Oshawa ONT Canada
L1G 3R4

rikijo@home.com (closed due to abuse)
rikijo@look.ca (closed due to abuse)

Below the text on the original web page was a now-unavailable image of Dixon's fax to Westhost, at top of which was listed Ray's phone number.

As strong as this evidence is, an important question remains. Dixon has attracted considerable attention through years of preying on other people. And along with the notoriety has come a number of impostors. Could it be that the rikijo of rikijo.blogspot.com is just the latest of these "rikifakes"?

It would seem to be a possibility, were it not for the large number of alt.hackers.malicious participants who have spoken to rikijo directly over the phone, and who are currently working with him on his latest effort.

Take a look, for example, at the following excerpt from a usenet message posted 11 July 2003 to a.h.m. by Optic Reaper:

Nice try though. Also, the real Ray would've called me. It's our established protocol. Whenever in doubt, get on the phone. He would've done it the first time I said call. Since I know his cell went down and you tried to use that numner, yet another pointer that you're a fake.

That same day, rikijo's distinguished sidekick ThePsyko left a similar request:

With all the rikifakes over the years, nobody believes you are the real rikijo - so here's your chance to be taken seriously... you and I have spoken on the phone before... care to tell me the details about that call?

There are two conclusions one can draw after reading these messages. One is that ThePsyko and other a.h.m. participants have decided to team up with a faux rikijo after years of deriding other rikfakes on Usenet. The other is that Ray Dixon is the predator behind the blogspot operation. Asking which option makes more sense is unnecessary.

Although the great slurpee disaster of 2000 may have been the last time rikijo left tracks to his real-life identity, the Predator Tracker sees those tracks and has picked up on Ray's scent. The above-listed information is outdated, but it won't be for long.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Operation Rikidik

Question: Who Is Rikijo?

Stand by for updates.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

What is this blog about?

This blog is about predators. That is, it is about men who use the Internet to satisfy and justify their primal urges to victimize the innocent. What may surprise many first-time readers of this blog is that the aforementioned predators are not pedophiles (so-called child sex predators), but a group of self-styled hackers from the Usenet group alt.hackers.malicious, led by an individual who refers to himself as "rikijo."

Since October of last year rikijo and his associates (the "jedi of ro0t") have maintained a weblog to record their exploits in their ongoing war to expose and destroy the membership of the pedophile organization NAMBLA. Many of the posts feature rikijo revealing the personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, of people he claims to have identified as NAMBLA members. Predictably, people who detest pedophilia have rallied around rikijo's blog. Some no doubt accept at face value the blog's claim of "saving children daily."

What these supporters fail to realize is that, even if each person identified by rikijo were guilty of numerous crimes (an absurd hypothesis), rikijo would be impeding law enforcement efforts. Criminals who suspect that they are under investigation are able to destroy important evidence, are far more careful if they choose to commit additional crimes, and worst of all, may even go into hiding before they can be brought to justice. If rikijo really were exposing previously unknown criminals, his decision to brag about it on a blog shows that his concern lies not with the well-being of children.

But of course Rikijo's blog isn't really exposing unknown criminals, nor is it designed to. Thus critiquing of his blog's usefulness as a law enforcement tool misses the point entirely. Rikijo.blogspot.com is first and foremost a harassment operation, one which targets people guilty of little more than sending e-mails with questionable content. That these "NAMBLA members" are clueless enough to be ensnared by one of rikijo's honeypots undermines the idea that they could ever pose a danger to anybody but themselves.

Rikijo knows this, yet he insists on misrepresenting his victims as a serious threat to children. If he didn't, he would no longer have an excuse to justify defaming and embarassing them on his blog. And "0wning" people, exercising the power of ruining the lives of people he will never meet, is what his blog is really about. It's certainly not about fighting NAMBLA, an organization Rikijo doesn't seem to know anything about. The only reason NAMBLA enters into the equation at all is that, by pitting himself against it, he is able to engage in his irresponsible antics with minimal criticism or interference.

For readers who have any familiarity with the medical literature, the impulse to overpower the less capable or immature should be familiar. It is popularly theorized to be the driving force behind the sexual predilections of pedophiles, or as they are commonly known, child sex predators. Since rikijo exhibits similar traits, he, too, must be a predator.

This blog is dedicated to examining, investigating, and exposing that predator and the way he operates.