Saturday, June 17, 2006

Operation Rikidik

Question: Who Is Rikijo?

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

What is this blog about?

This blog is about predators. That is, it is about men who use the Internet to satisfy and justify their primal urges to victimize the innocent. What may surprise many first-time readers of this blog is that the aforementioned predators are not pedophiles (so-called child sex predators), but a group of self-styled hackers from the Usenet group alt.hackers.malicious, led by an individual who refers to himself as "rikijo."

Since October of last year rikijo and his associates (the "jedi of ro0t") have maintained a weblog to record their exploits in their ongoing war to expose and destroy the membership of the pedophile organization NAMBLA. Many of the posts feature rikijo revealing the personal information, including addresses and phone numbers, of people he claims to have identified as NAMBLA members. Predictably, people who detest pedophilia have rallied around rikijo's blog. Some no doubt accept at face value the blog's claim of "saving children daily."

What these supporters fail to realize is that, even if each person identified by rikijo were guilty of numerous crimes (an absurd hypothesis), rikijo would be impeding law enforcement efforts. Criminals who suspect that they are under investigation are able to destroy important evidence, are far more careful if they choose to commit additional crimes, and worst of all, may even go into hiding before they can be brought to justice. If rikijo really were exposing previously unknown criminals, his decision to brag about it on a blog shows that his concern lies not with the well-being of children.

But of course Rikijo's blog isn't really exposing unknown criminals, nor is it designed to. Thus critiquing of his blog's usefulness as a law enforcement tool misses the point entirely. is first and foremost a harassment operation, one which targets people guilty of little more than sending e-mails with questionable content. That these "NAMBLA members" are clueless enough to be ensnared by one of rikijo's honeypots undermines the idea that they could ever pose a danger to anybody but themselves.

Rikijo knows this, yet he insists on misrepresenting his victims as a serious threat to children. If he didn't, he would no longer have an excuse to justify defaming and embarassing them on his blog. And "0wning" people, exercising the power of ruining the lives of people he will never meet, is what his blog is really about. It's certainly not about fighting NAMBLA, an organization Rikijo doesn't seem to know anything about. The only reason NAMBLA enters into the equation at all is that, by pitting himself against it, he is able to engage in his irresponsible antics with minimal criticism or interference.

For readers who have any familiarity with the medical literature, the impulse to overpower the less capable or immature should be familiar. It is popularly theorized to be the driving force behind the sexual predilections of pedophiles, or as they are commonly known, child sex predators. Since rikijo exhibits similar traits, he, too, must be a predator.

This blog is dedicated to examining, investigating, and exposing that predator and the way he operates.