Monday, July 24, 2006

Operation Rikidik update: Everybody hates Raymond

The time has come to answer the previous question and reveal rikijo's identity. Although another blog has suggested that rikijo is a Star-Wars-obsessed Canadian named Dennis Fitt, the truth is far more compelling.

A search of Google's extensive Usenet archive indicates that rikijo has been identified in the past as Ray Dixon of Ontario, Canada. This information appears to have been first posted on by one "Jim Taylor." The story, preserved in a cache of that URL, says it all:

On Tuesday, June 6, 2000, a wannabe hacker named Ray Dixon from alt.hackers.malicious tried to claim that he was "Jim Taylor" and whack his way into Lart.Com. One thing, who's "Jim Taylor" anyway? Certainly not me! Poor Ray, so desperate to impress his little script kiddy followers he tried to slurp WestHost (host for Lart.Com) for my passwords.

So picture the following, Ray Dixon calling WestHost, claiming to be "Jim Taylor" and saying he lost his passwords. Do you think he felt stupid when support from WestHost laughed at how he could not even get my name right? Imagine how hard they laughed when he fumbled around looking for my credit card number for verification. Ray also tried send a fax, which you can see below and e-mail too.

Poor Ray, he is busy these days trying to make up for this major screw-up. He is failing at that too. He created a web based message board because the whacker group, alt.hackers.malicious has been a public toilet for months. His whacker board lasted about three days before it was abandoned, hacked daily to Ray's total disappointment.

Ray Dixon
25 Russett Ave
Oshawa ONT Canada
L1G 3R4
905-571-2146 (closed due to abuse) (closed due to abuse)

Below the text on the original web page was a now-unavailable image of Dixon's fax to Westhost, at top of which was listed Ray's phone number.

As strong as this evidence is, an important question remains. Dixon has attracted considerable attention through years of preying on other people. And along with the notoriety has come a number of impostors. Could it be that the rikijo of is just the latest of these "rikifakes"?

It would seem to be a possibility, were it not for the large number of alt.hackers.malicious participants who have spoken to rikijo directly over the phone, and who are currently working with him on his latest effort.

Take a look, for example, at the following excerpt from a usenet message posted 11 July 2003 to a.h.m. by Optic Reaper:

Nice try though. Also, the real Ray would've called me. It's our established protocol. Whenever in doubt, get on the phone. He would've done it the first time I said call. Since I know his cell went down and you tried to use that numner, yet another pointer that you're a fake.

That same day, rikijo's distinguished sidekick ThePsyko left a similar request:

With all the rikifakes over the years, nobody believes you are the real rikijo - so here's your chance to be taken seriously... you and I have spoken on the phone before... care to tell me the details about that call?

There are two conclusions one can draw after reading these messages. One is that ThePsyko and other a.h.m. participants have decided to team up with a faux rikijo after years of deriding other rikfakes on Usenet. The other is that Ray Dixon is the predator behind the blogspot operation. Asking which option makes more sense is unnecessary.

Although the great slurpee disaster of 2000 may have been the last time rikijo left tracks to his real-life identity, the Predator Tracker sees those tracks and has picked up on Ray's scent. The above-listed information is outdated, but it won't be for long.