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Rikijo the homophobe

This past week, after a four month absence, Ray Dixon (rikijo) has again begun to post on his blog. And that's good news for all the children of the world. Or at least for the little boys.

After all, the one thing that stands out most prominently on Ray Dixon's/rikijo's blog (besides his use of oddball generic images) is that all of his targets are, at least in his own warped imagination, homosexual pedophiles. Let's face it. He portrays homosexual pedophiles as baby-eating Satanists while giving heterosexual pedophiles a free pass. As of 22 August 2006, rikijo/Ray Dixon has identified a total of 50 people whom he believes to be pedophiles. Of these, 46 are men accused of having an interest in boys, 3 are men accused of having an interest in girls, and 1 is a woman accused of having an interest in boys.

Ray Dixon's/rikijo's quest to "0wn ped0s" results from his desire to control and embarrass people. But why does he embarrass only men who lust for little boys, and not men who lust after little girls? Most victims of child molestation are females, so if rikijo were interested in saving the greatest number of children from sexual abuse, his blog would devote most of its space to lecherous men who stalk little girls.

He doesn't, however. And the reason he doesn't is that he is a certifiable homophobe. A Google usenet search for messages by "rikijo" which contain the word "fag" generates a total of 120 hits. Let's look at some of his and his buddies' more memorable homophobic moments, starting with the most recent.

On 21 December 2005, rikijo/Ray Dixon writes a message entitled "Attention Demonweb fag spammers.."

In a thread, dated to 27 November 2005, rikijo/Ray Dixon says he is working on his blog and asks his associates for comments to publish. "Vinny" responds:

"I hate all fags, I think every fag is a potential pedo if placed in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was kinda hoping the whole gay community would eventually disapear due to the breeding issue."

Ray Dixon/rikijo, tickled by vinny's anti-gay rhetoric, replies:

"MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!.. Then your post will be added..good enough..LOL"

Ray Dixon/rikijo, as mentioned earlier, has accrued countless enemies. What happens when he is insulting them on Usenet? Does he call them pedos? Nazis, perhaps? Nope. He resorts to his favorite f-word. Here's a classic example from 9 September 2003:

Hey Fag do you want me to post all that shit I snarfed after your beating Mr. Kevin Kannon? Remember what your Father said when we asked for ya at your parents house? Hmm? He has disowned the very sight of you. Why , because you live with your lover who just happens to be a MAN! LOL Why are you posting in my group?

What do you mean old, old, story. Thats not old, bitch, thats your fucking life. You suck penises Kevin "FACT" You got hammered along wiht the datababysex trolls and other idiots like Burnore spooge and Cipher.

Yer friend Ian hayes knowz yer a fag..He even asked you about it in that hacked email.

Rikijo has spewed so much homophobic hate-speech on Usenet over the years that it's surprising he's not fighting a "war against fags" complete with pink triangles and swastikas. But since gay-bashing bigots don't generally fare too well in today's political climate, Dixon has settled for fighting a "war against NAMBLA" instead. In this way, he can bash same-sex-attracted males while still generating the positive publicity he needs to get his little power trip. But don't be fooled. If homophobia ever became as acceptable as anti-pedophile vigilantism, "the war against NAMBLA" would expand its scope to include all those deviant "fags" rikijo has made a hobby of disparaging on Usenet.