Thursday, September 28, 2006

Operation Rikidik update: 37 and Single?

Question: Who Is Rikijo?

Answer: Raymond A. Dixon
DOB: 21 November 1968

Stand by for updates..

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rikijo the child pornographer?

The last post suggests that Ray Dixon's/rikijo's fixation with homosexual pedophilia is more the consequence of a contempt for homosexuality than of a contempt for pedophilia. This accounts for why he obsesses on a phenomenon (men molesting boys) that constitutes a distinct minority of child sex abuse cases. This may also account for why, according to dozens of Usenet posters through the years, he has no aversion to downloading and distributing child porn himself.

Six years ago alt.hackers.malicious was rife with accusations that Ray Dixon/rikijo peddled child porn. The poster known as "Petitmorte" alleges that Ray Dixon is a "Convict and Child Porn Collector." "Dr. Hangnail" discloses (quoted in another message): "Ray Dixon of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada has viewed and downloaded KP numerous times by his own admission, and undoubtedly has some on his hard drive right now."

"Cipher," the intended target of the failed hack that led to the discovery of rikijo's real-life identity, writes, "The kiddie porn he [rikijo] sent was the absolute proof that rikijo, RL Ray Dixon, is a fucking criminal...." This was said in response to, who had written earlier that Ray "sends child pornography to people like Cipher and I then posts publicly about how he is going to frame us." So widespread at the time was Ray's identification as a pedophile that he lent his legal name to the Usenet group alt.pedophile.ray-dixon.

Thus Ray Dixon/rikijo, a man now widely touted as savior of the little children, not only ignores the perponderence of pedophilic acts by focusing only on homosexual pedophilia. He has also faced past accusations of being a child pornographer, of distributing child pornography to other Usenet posters, and of being a pedophile, all by people who knew him before he launched his recent crusade. Could it be that rikijo is a child pornographer who uses his blog to divert law enforcement attention away from his own crimes against children?