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Happy Birthday, Ray!

It's 21 November, rikijo's 38th birthday! After due consideration, the Predator Tracker has decided to release rikijo's address and home phone number so all of you can wish him a happy birthday, too!

Rikijo's Home Address and (Unlisted) Phone Number:

6510 Coronation Road
Whitby, Ontario L1M 1R5

(Be sure to ask to speak with little Raymond if Coral or Roy answer the phone.)

Hi, Ray!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! --Exposed--
Happy 38th..

Good job. I linked to you from my place. I'm going to mention Predator Tracker in one of my upcoming posts as well.

I notice that certain members of BC are unimpreciative of your efforts. That should be of no surprise to you.

When this character exploited several members of BLN for his personal and perhaps even political gain, BLN's response was to blame it's members, specifically those cited on Rikijo's blog and tow the line, "take what you want, just leave us alone."

The same unfortunately is occurring over at BC.

And that's why there remains such disdain toward "BL's" and or pro pedo activists; it's their continued insistence of being arrogant and ignorant, their need to make shit up to support their rhetoric, and most important, their cut & run defeatism. It's these people who have hurt the BL community and it remains why the BL community remains universally villified despite evidence literally placed on their lap that proves this whole thing was nothing more than a political ruse.

In any event, here's another individual coming forward to say thanks.

I practically feel ashamed to be Canadian. I bet that stupid prick has posters of Stephen Harper above his bed. Nitwits like those two give Canada a bad name.

i know this type of predator exists, his intention is pointless. he cannot stop a mindset and ones personal choice to be BL/GL/CL. his only hope is that someone like me doesnt get his IP and Port address, as he will see what a 'real-live skilled' hacker can do....dare me

i just gotta say u rock cuz rikijo an the other dumb fuck can go to hell cuz there nothing but self righteous bitches if being a bl/gl/cl was wrong then wouldnt it say it in the bible?
it doesnt infact if you visit i think its the blog called defending the paederotic he will give u some bible verses that actually promote some stuff . its my belief that being a pedo/bl/gl/cl isnt really wrong just visit www.falsechristians.com an u will see there that wen mary an joseph got together mary was 12 1/2 an joseph was in his 80-90's hmm jesus's earthly parents was a af an his yf wow that might just shock dummy head rikijo an other douche bag anti lmao . o an fyi yes i am a big time christian an im also a cl so if you thought otherwise srry to dissapoint ya. an hey for all the bls'gls'an cls lets visit rikijo an cause some mayhem an havok lol an lets draw the bl an gl logos all over his house in spraypaint lol ! im such a lil rebel lmao anyways ttyl.

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