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The operation expands

Unmasking the felon known as rikijo was easy enough. Now it is time to expand the scope of the mission with phase ii. Unfortunately for the Predator Tracker's next target, this phase promises to be easier than the first.

Question: Who is Velocity?

Stand by for updates...

well i have a game for you .

how about we play this game serious ok?
whoever finds eachother first beats the fuck out of them and tells them life is a hell hole and time is comming . im seriously up for that . you want to play? as i will tell you now. if my identity ever got far it sure wouldnt be your way. so you ready to begin> time is ticking of course, and i love a challenge. just give me the ok and we can begin. i have all the money and time to meet this challenge. with your permission of course, as i would need your ok on it, so its all legal. otherwise go to "the backwoods" while you can have a jack off with brother willy and male a cup of tea.
hell if you want let me know ill even give you a head start email you my addy and be at your door by the time you get it, so just let me know as i said, i need your ok to make it nice and legal. you can fuck with some , but when you fuck with the best tracker in the last 10 years, your fuckin with well you know of course. you can find me by first going through the fbi agent list. now i gave you a chance get to it .

Don't mind Agent Dubree. Mind me. I would like you to know something about what you would be doing if you so much as give away Agent Dubree's first name. You sir/mam would be starting a national security issue , and cause the safety of one of my agent's to be exposed. Putting it bluntly, you would be a national security risk. Therefore my entire field office would be breaking in your door, and bring you down here to this holding facility. If you think that would be something you would like to engage, regardless of your location, I give you my solemn word. We would have Interpol, The Marshall's office in your location, bring you here so you could face Mr. Dubree yourself. I thought i would intervene in Mr. Dubree's defense, to let you know this.

If you have any Questions on this please all means feel free to contact me.

Robert E. Casey Jr.
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Contact Number: 972-559-5000

Or if you wish you may contact at the same Field Number,


Daniel D. Dubree
Federal Bureau of Investigation

actually, and honestly, although I doubt he is one, there ARE a few Federal Bureau of Insanity agents out there who are and would be stupid enough to pull a stunt like that. Makes you kinda feel real safe when Homeland Insecurity considers anyone suspected of pedophilia to be terrorists.

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