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Phase II: Operation Supersonic update...

Velocity on the run.

Threatens the Predator Tracker with harassing comments/impersonates FBI Agent!!

Velocity stumbled upon the Predator Tracker blog this morning and was so upset that he left two irate and threatening comments within forty minutes of each other. You can view them here. The first was a rambling diatribe in which he challenged the Predator Tracker to a contest: whoever discovered the other's identity first would win. Sorry, Velocity, but the Predator Tracker has to decline your challenge. It wouldn't be fair. You see, the Predator Tracker already has your identity, age, home phone number, home address, place of employment, and thanks to your infantile attempt at intimidation this morning, your Internet Protocol number. The Predator Tracker would be the victor by default.

The second comment, coincidentally submitted from the same Internet Protocol number forty minutes after the first, is also from Velocity. Readers of this blog already know that rikijo's minions have even less respect for the law than the pedophiles they pretend to be exposing. But here Velocity sinks to a new low, committing a felony, by impersonating an FBI agent. "Don't mind Agent Dubree," says Velocity, comically oblivious to the fact that a real federal agent would never reveal or confirm the identity of an undercover operative. Apparently, Velocity also never considered how stupid it was to impersonate a federal agent from a Texas field office when his IP number reveals that his physical location is over a thousand miles away. Michael, if you want to see what happens to somebody who pretends to work for the Feds, take a gander at this news story. Originally the Predator Tracker was not going to publish your comments but he changed his mind when realized that they are important evidence for the pending federal investigation of your illegal behavior.

Question: Who is Velocity?
Answer: Michael B. Quandt
DOB: 11/06/1971
Home City: Rochester, Minnesota
IP #:
Employer: the FBI Quandt Concrete, LLC.
("i am done for the season in construction. so much free time till spring" velocity brags. Since when do federal agents dig ditches? LOL!!!)

Velocity --exposed/under federal investigation--

"My mentor taught me everything about the force, even the nature of the Dark Side."


The Predator Tracker


Stand by for updates...

that's so great to see how you're outing them (:

keep up the good work to bring those antipedo vigilantes down !

ok ok You got me! Except one problem. I had nothing to do with any fbi thing. muaaaaahahaaa! So now that you got my info , you going to tell all your buddies so we can meet up? Considering the fact if you ever actually did get my real information, what would you do with it again? Call international officials, and tell them that Velocity is going through and using public access to find out my whole life, because im dumb enough to put it all on public information for everyone to see? oh and his job? tracking pedophiles, you know the guys that want to have sex with our kids. oh and by the way you would tell them "i am a pedophile, and want to see this guy getting info on me and all my pedo buddies see him arrested!" Good luck on your venture finding the one they call Velocity. If you would seriously Like my address, phone number and a place to meet so when you come over i just shoot ya, just ask fella. ill be more then happy, but only if you share it with all your buddies to ! you are a comical character. PLEASE POST THIS ON YOUR FRONT PAGE. "All pedohiles should be on an island so when the next world war hits, we can use it as target practice" make sure to get that quote to.


Oh and hey after you all come over and i have "DONE THE DEED" FOR ALL MAN KIND"
make sure to byob, so i can have it:D you won't need it . TRUST ME

Great work. Do you have an email?

to rikijo, velocity and all the other pedophobe asshole fucking wannabes out there: a common little bit of a advice from da 'underground': what the goes around, comes around!!!! it's called fucking karma, bitch.

to predator tracker: keep up the good work! i look forward to seeing more of these fucking assholes exposed for the wankers they really are.

Well done my friend :)

you did more then anyone else could do :D, i wanna give you a hug for exposing rikijo

u rock.

hey, can you help out? please contact me. I need your help.

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