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Mike Quandt and Mike Echols: Cut from the Same Cloth

In a post on Rikijo’s blog dated to last December, Velocity/Michael Quandt called Mike Echols a “champion of children’s rights” and promised to continue Echols’ work. Quandt had probably come across Echols’ name repeatedly while browsing anti-pedophile websites, and without doing any in-depth research, concluded that Echols’ was a child savior on par with his buddy Ray Dixon/Rikijo. Had he done serious research, Quandt would have discovered that Echols was a child-abusing liar and psychopath who masked his real agenda under the banner of child protection. For frequent readers of this blog, that description will sound familiar. Ray Dixon/Rikijo and Mike Quandt/Velocity should not have announced that they were going to begin carrying on Echols’ tradition. They have been carrying on Echols’ tradition all along.

Walter Harlan Echols was the author of several extremely graphic novels depicting the rape of young boys. One of these, I Know My First Name Is Steven, later became a Sunday night made-for-television movie and was Echols’ claim to fame until his death. What few people know is that prior to embarking on a career as an author, Echols demonstrated his commitment to children’s well-being by physically abusing two thirteen-year-old boys for whom he was supposed to be caring.

Only when he wasn’t abusing children or exploiting their tragedies for money did Echols pretend to champion their rights. His primary method of advocacy was to maintain a website where he advertised his graphic child abuse novels, and where he posted a list of alleged “Internet Sex Predators and Nambla members.” Most of the people featured were guilty of little more than voicing an opinion different than that of Echols. But this did not stop Echols from posting their addresses and phone numbers, accusing them of engaging in illegal activity, and even making threatening phone calls to their families and employers. Echols’ site also featured cropped images of illegal pornography, almost all of which featured boys in early adolescence. According to Echols, posting the images would help his readers identify the victims of sexual exploitation. More discerning readers pointed out how suspicious it was that these images, like Echols’ books and criminal charges, involved only boys in early adolescence. Weren’t all children worth saving?

The same question can be asked of Ray Dixon/Rikijo and Michael Quandt/Velocity. Both fixate only on sexual abuse even though far more children each year are the victims of physical abuse. Both also deal only with the male victims of sexual abuse even though the majority of the victims of sexual abuse are female. The similarities extend even further: Rikijo has an extensive criminal record, just as Echols did. And Rikijo and Velocity use their blog to embarrass and harass potentially innocent people by posting personal information, just as Echols did. So when Velocity/Michael Quandt declares that he is going to begin to follow in Echols’ footsteps, the only logical response is "You already have. By the way, what's your real agenda?"

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