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A new low for Rikijo/Ray Dixon

As any real children’s advocate can attest, the investigation of missing children is a serious matter in which time is of the essence. The last thing police or parents need is a false lead, particularly one cooked up in the fevered imagination of a convicted criminal and notorious liar. But that’s what they got last November when Rikijo/Ray Dixon posted on his blog about two missing children from Red Lake, Minnesota.

Instead of expressing sympathy for the parents or notifying his readers how they might be able to help the family, he cynically chose to exploit the episode in an effort to demonize David Thorstad, the perennial target of his cyber-witchhunt. “David, where are those kids?” Dixon/rikijo taunted, claiming that Thorstad had been “hanging around the Red Lake Indian Reservation” and thus played a role in the disappearance of the children. That thousands of other people also routinely “hang around” the reservation obviously never crossed Dixon’s debilitated mind. Neither did Dixon consider the potential harm his baseless speculation could have had on the investigation or the distress it could have caused the parents of the two children

When volunteers this past week discovered the bodies of the two missing children encased in ice, Dixon again posted about the story at the top of his blog, proclaming that “the investigation continues.” The investigation has continued, of course, in the form of an autopsy that has ruled out the possibility of foul play. So what does Dixon, a self-proclaimed savior of the little children, do? Does he show any remorse for his crass appropriation of the tragic deaths of two children? Does even bother to update his readers on the story? Of course not. Rikijo/Ray Dixon has as much contempt for the truth as he has for Thorstad, and he’s not about to let any facts get in his way. What self-respecting witch-hunter would?